A collection of five new horror comics, written and illustrated by Abby Howard. 
Overview of the stories:
Frankie, a teen attempting to find a safe place away from her parents, starts a friendship with Clara, a girl who lives on the other side of the fence on land belonging to a cruel old farmer. But Frankie soon realizes there’s something off about The Girl In The Fields…..
Christina, a college student, finds a mattress on the curb and thinks she’s hit the jackpot. No more sleeping on a pile of blankets! And just in time for exams, too.
However, after sleeping on the mattress, her health takes a nosedive. But with exams coming up, she has more important things to worry about, and tries to ride it out. Unfortunately for her, this mattress may not have been free after all, and she’s about to pay the price…..
A girl vacationing at the beach befriends a strange, magical boy, who promises to teach her what he knows. Her older sister is suspicious of her younger sibling’s new playmate, and tries to keep watch as best she can… but it may already be too late to save her sister from The Boy From The Sea.
A family is forced to go into hiding after their unusual tourist attraction causes a fatal incident. They now find themselves caretakers to the ever-growing beast that was once their livelihood. And though it only grows larger and more unruly each day, one of the children thinks she has a special bond with the thing. But she should learn not all wild animals want to be friends, before someone else falls prey to Our Lake Monster.
An elderly woman is visited by something that crawled from the bog on the edge of her property. But, sensing no ill intent, she invites it in for a cup of tea. However, she soon discovers the corpse was not alone in the bog, and she now has more visitors than she knows what to do with...
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